More sound samples will be added as they become available. Thanks for checking them out.
Roger Placer on his 16" soft-cutaway Imperial archtop:
Electric Ritual's End Solomon Strum Acoustic
Mike Moss on his 18" Grand American archtop:
Jingle Bells
David Newsam on a 16" Phidelity archtop:
Brazil Melody

Steve Longabardi on his Phidelity:
Blues in C True (July 2012)
Roger Placer on a 16" Phi-Tomic archtop:
Berimbau Leave No Trace A Minor Chunk
Roger Placer on a 18" Baritone archtop:
More Than a Feeling Children Say Harboring Days Arp
Nick Petumenos on his Solomon Hawaiian Lap Guitar:
For Love of Low Light

Look and Listen

Meet the Maker/Erich Solomon, New Hampshire Chronicle
Zeb Heintz on a 16" Solomon Phidelity Guitar:
Salon de Guitare de Montréal
Tom Doughty on a Solomon Hawaiian Lap Guitar:
Maggies Pies
Into the Bong